Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Must Haves

It's officially Spring! I think we can all agree that Winter lasted way too long. I don't know about you, but I pretty much gave up on looking 'stylish' this Winter. It's tough to look cute in -20 Celsius temperatures: you can't feel your toes, your fingers are numb and your nose just keeps on drippin. 

Alas, it's time to pull out those heels and show some skin. 

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think "Today I'm going to be a Bad A$$" Yes? Good, me too. No? Try sleeping past your alarm, skip your morning workout and pick up McDonald's for breakfast. If that doesn't do it, I don't know what will. My Alexander McQueen scarf is my favourite piece to throw on when I am quote, having one of those days. It's Lavender; conveniently, it goes with every colour in my Spring wardrobe which consists of black, grey and white. 

I have found myself wearing a lot of statement jewellery lately. The particular piece shown is from J.Crew. During the Fall I styled it with silk tops, this Winter I paired it over heavy knits and this Spring I will be wearing it with maxi dresses. It's an incredibly versatile piece. If you haven't checked out J.Crew's vast jewellery line, I highly recommend doing so. 

My Givenchy leather booties are my all time fav. They are ridiculously comfortable and complete just about any outfit. 

Matte Lipsticks are currently one of my go-to essentials. This NYX in the colour 'Angel' is my favourite for 2 years and counting because 1) it's MATTE and 2) it's the most perfect shade of pink you will ever find. I prefer their Matte Lipsticks over their Matte Lip Creams because when it's windy my hair gets stuck to my gloss and that's just a tragedy. Lipstick for the win.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Little Update - Let's Get Personal

We have been a little MIA, yes yes, we know. Here is an update as to what has been going on in our personal lives.

M is graduating her 3 year Public Relations program at Humber next month. She is in the final stretch of her program so she has found this year quite intense. She is also interning full time with EGPR , one of our absolute favourite Toronto PR companies. For those who follow us on Twitter, you have seen us refer to the EGPR ladies as the #SparksTwinTriplets. M's life isn't too glam right now. Long commutes, buttered bagels and an empty bank account sum up her last few months. We all know how hard it is to transition from school - to an internship - to a 'grown up' job. If you need a giggle, you can read all about her PR adventures in 'The Intern Life'. But all jokes aside, life isn't that bad. 

I am currently working on my Real Estate License. I love it. It's challenging, exciting, and a change. Last year, I was studying fashion, working in fashion, interning in fashion, attending fashion events, and somewhat blogging. That's a lot of fashion. RE is definitely a change, to say the least. I spend most days with my head in the books learning about mortgages, land registry, appraisals and all that jazz. I'm currently prepping for my next exam. It's quite a sight when I'm in exam mode - I eat fistful's of chocolate chips and my dainty cups of tea magically turn into bottles of beer. Funny how that works! Needless to say, I do not handle stress well and I quite literally disappear off the face of the earth until exams are done. So that's where I have been! My vision of being a fully licensed Realtor® by my 23rd birthday (that was some serious wishful thinking…) is sadly slipping away, but I'll get there! 

Now the fun part - M and I will finally be roomies again! As of June, we will be living together downtown. We. Cannot. Wait. We will also have our blog back up and running. The countdown to Summer is on, get outta here Polar Vortex. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My First Scotch Experience

February, the month of love. I wish I could say I went on a hot date to celebrate the billion dollar Hallmark 'holiday', but, a heavy cold has me bedridden. Ok, I'm single, that comes into play as well. 

What goes hand in hand with Valentine's Day? A drink. I'm not saying to get in a state of drunken stupor, but a nice glass of wine, or two, is always welcome on my watch. 

I recently attended an exclusive tasting of the new Macallan 1824 Series at the Shangri La. And thus, my scotch virginity was taken. The 4 part 1824 Series consist of Gold, Amber, Sienna and Ruby, each with their own unique taste. Now, as a newbie to scotch, I didn't quite know what I was getting myself into. Let's just say, I had a number of water 'chasers'. 

My two favourites were Gold and Ruby, which happen to be on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Gold was slightly sweet with hints of vanilla, ginger and cinnamon, to name a few. Ruby was a tad stronger, 43% ABV with subtle tastes of nutmeg, orange and sultana. 

***UPDATE  The other night, I opted for Scotch instead of wine. Yes, you read that right. I think it's growing on me!

Gold, Amber, Sienna, Ruby
"The 1824 Series is 100% natural colour, 
100% Sherry Oak and 100% Macallan."

GG Style Guide 2014

Last year (crazy thought), M and I had the opportunity to be a part of The Gingerich Group 2014 Style Guide. The Look Book features an eclectic group of trend-setters, media members and entrepreneurs sporting brands such as Guru Clothing, Fossil, Skagen and Swiss Gear. Just a few of the brands carried by The Gingerich Group. 

Here's a peak behind the scenes: 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 in 13 Instagram Photos

13 Instagram photos that sum up our 2013. 

#Twinning - FLARE Magazine March 2013

 5 Spring Trends for FLARE.com

GUESS Girl Fragrance launch x Sparks Twins

We had a fitting for custom Ashtiani dresses

We then walked the runway at
 Dare to Wear Love wearing Ashtiani 

An outtake from the MIN handbag lookbook

Walked the runway for Minling Pan Studio

Behind the scenes - Gingerich Group Style Guide

Collaborated with Luxe Box

Interned with The Gingerich Group 
(and pretended to be designers)

Traveled to Whistler with SOREL

Received a love note

Rang in the New Year, together 

We couldn't be happier that is it officially 2014. Although 2013 was a great year, we both are looking forward to what this upcoming year has in store. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Soaking Up Whistler

Our time in Whistler is sadly coming to an end. As the finale, we headed to the Scandinave Spa for an incredibly relaxing afternoon. For those who have yet to experience hydrotherapy, the Scandinave Spa is the place to be. We spent 4 hours alternating between the Hot, Cold, and Relaxation Rooms.

The first step of the hydrotherapy process is to warm the body by spending 10 to 15 minutes in one of their Hot Rooms. You have the choice between a wood burning sauna, a number of hot baths, their thermal waterfall or our personal favourite - the eucalyptus steam bath.

The second step is to submerge the body in very cold water. This helps reduce inflammation and stimulates circulation. M and I are not very good at this step - we are known to sometimes skip it altogether. However, we watched a number of people bravely enter the cold baths. Roughly 30 seconds in the cold water is our personal record. 

The final step is the Relaxation Room where you enjoy the peace and quiet in a room that feels neither hot nor cold. This step allows your body to regulate itself back to normal. 

We completed the cycle about 5 times. The end result? Pure relaxation. 

1If Whistler is out of your area, we highly recommend their Blue Mountain location. We have experienced both locations and have nothing but great things to say. Exams will be done in a week, what better way to celebrate?  

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Whistler Street Style

M and I headed to the streets to find some of Whistler's most fashionable. It's currently -17 degrees here, so we applaud these ladies for baring the cold while keeping up with great Winter fashion. 

Day 2 at the Whistler Film Festival

We thought we were use to cold weather - apparently not. Toronto is sitting at a high of 15 degrees; Whistler is -15 degrees. Regardless of how bundled up we are, it's still nippy! Our solution? Spending the day in the Whistler Film Festival Celebrity Lounge. 

As SOREL's Whistler Style Ambassadors, we have the opportunity all week to meet some of the festival's most talented actors, directors, and screenwriters. 

This afternoon, we had the chance to hang out with Ali Liebert and Emily Hampshire in the SOREL Celebrity Suite before their intimate on - stage interview. We chatted with Emily Hampshire about the current weather here in Whistler, her films, and then fitted her with a pair of SOREL Medina Rain Tall Boots. We have to say, these heeled booties completed her look!