Saturday, May 7, 2016


I have been on the hunt for years for the perfect leather jacket. Nothing inspired me - everything was either too bulky, too manly, too feminine, I didn't like the hardware, I didn't like the feel of the leather or it simply did not fit my petite frame. Whenever I thought I had found an eligible contender, I would quickly find things I wanted to change to the jacket. I just could not find my 'IT' piece. 

One day in April, yes this leather jacket hunt was a year round thing, I discovered the Burberry Brit Loseley Moto Leather Jacket. The detailed ribbing, the intense hardware, the micro mini measurements - I had found 'IT'.

Now this particular piece was way out of my price range, so the jacket stayed in my online Shopping Cart but that is as far as it got. It eventually sold and so my hunt for my 'IT' piece started all over.

...Until the night of my 25th birthday. My Boyfriend, formally referred to as 'The Boy' in previous posts, placed a huge black box in front of me. Let me introduce you to, 'IT'. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Let's Get Intimate

Enter: Agent Provocateur.

Let's drop the stigma; stop being so coy. Let's talk lingerie. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I figured it would be appropriate to share my new found appreciation for those pretty little pieces we hide beneath our layers. 

I'm not sure what sparked (no pun intended) my sudden interest, but I have a feeling it's here to stay. 'The Boy' brought me some goodies from Australia and ever since then, I look at lace and bows a little differently. Move over Sports Bras, there's a new girl in town. Actually, a couple. 

My absolute favourite new pieces are from Agent Provocateur. They happen to be so pretty that they are still sitting in their original box tied up with a bow. I took advantage of their 75% off sale on selected pieces and ended up finding some real winners. 

'The Boy' did some shopping of his own. He picked me up a wide selection of pieces from Honey Birdette - a luxury lingerie boutique in Australia. This is when I learned that women and men have a very different taste when it comes to intimates. I call this my '50 Shades of Grey' set. Let's leave it at that. Funny enough, the movie 50 Shades of Grey premieres on Valentine's Day. For all of those who want to continue the movie in the comfort of their own home, I recommend checking out Honey Birdette

If cutouts, tassels, stockings and leather don't tickle your fancy, Secrets From Your Sister has a wide range of staple intimates and offer complimentary fitting appointments. 

Because Lingerie is Fashion too. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Frank's Army

Guess what I did tonight? Frank.

I discovered Frank on Instagram, we are just one of his half million Instagram followers. So, who, more like, what, is Frank? A coffee scrub. 

Infused with almond, orange and of course all - natural ground coffee beans, Frank is an incredible full body exfoliator. Or should I say, experience. 

Frank targets problematic skin conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks and eczema. In my case, I needed Frank to tackle a splotchy fake tan disaster. M purchased two bags a few months ago, since then, I've run off with one. They recommend exfoliating once to twice a week for best results but I think I'm going to save Frank for special occasions.

Get Naked. Get Dirty. Get Rough. Get Clean. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fragrance Snob

As a little girl, I would collect the perfume samples we would get in the mail - you know, the ones that make you smell like you're either a) a 90 year old woman b) a musky man or       c) a flower bed. 

Now that I 'm older, I've become quite selective when it comes to fragrances. Sensitive skin has played a large role in my decision making. Last Winter, I stumbled upon Editions De Parfums at Holt Renfrew and was immediately drawn to a particular scent, L'eau D'Hiver. This was my first 'luxury' perfume. I had finally found my perfect scent - I was hooked.

I established that L'eau D'Hiver was my ideal Winter scent, but come Spring, I wanted to switch it up. I have had my eye on Byredo Parfums - La Tulipe for just over a year now. Whenever I would pop into Holt Renfrew, I would visit the Byredo Parfum section and would fall in love all over again. After enjoying numerous complimentary samples, I knew it was time to make this little beauty my official Spring scent. 

Although La Tulipe is considered a 'floral' fragrance, it is not overwhelming. Hints of rhubarb and wood are subtle, but noted. The best part? My skin does not react negatively: no rash, no burning sensation. La Tulipe is here to stay.