Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fragrance Snob

As a little girl, I would collect the perfume samples we would get in the mail - you know, the ones that make you smell like you're either a) a 90 year old woman b) a musky man or       c) a flower bed. 

Now that I 'm older, I've become quite selective when it comes to fragrances. Sensitive skin has played a large role in my decision making. Last Winter, I stumbled upon Editions De Parfums at Holt Renfrew and was immediately drawn to a particular scent, L'eau D'Hiver. This was my first 'luxury' perfume. I had finally found my perfect scent - I was hooked.

I established that L'eau D'Hiver was my ideal Winter scent, but come Spring, I wanted to switch it up. I have had my eye on Byredo Parfums - La Tulipe for just over a year now. Whenever I would pop into Holt Renfrew, I would visit the Byredo Parfum section and would fall in love all over again. After enjoying numerous complimentary samples, I knew it was time to make this little beauty my official Spring scent. 

Although La Tulipe is considered a 'floral' fragrance, it is not overwhelming. Hints of rhubarb and wood are subtle, but noted. The best part? My skin does not react negatively: no rash, no burning sensation. La Tulipe is here to stay.